At Nexon America I was hired as a contract Web Designer where I worked on a massive amount of projects to support their library of 10 online games and other support sites. I worked on everything from UI Design to banner ads. The biggest project I worked on was a responsive redesign of The site is meant to give a broad overview of Nexon and the games that they offer.



I was responsible for designing the site for all mobile devices and desktop, presenting each iteration to internal stakeholders. I was responsible for everything from the User Interface to making adjustments to all key art to make it responsive. Below is a carousel of screenshots of the desktop site.

  • NexonNet_Vindictus_990x700
  • NexonNet_Icarus_990x700
  • NexonNet_DragonNest_990x700
  • NexonNet_GITS_990x700
  • NexonNet_DirtyBomb_990x700



One of the most recent releases at Nexon is “Ghost in the Shell: First Assault”. For the beta release I worked on ad banners, graphic skins for social media, and email blasts as well as support graphics the Nexon Launcher and the Customer Support Center. I also did some UI/UX work on the Beta Registration. Below is a User Flow and then the finished product.





Below are some banner ads, an email design, the Nexon Launcher and Nexon’s Zen Desk page.





Here are a few projects I designed for another Nexon game called Dirty Bomb.




More Email Designs