I was contracted to Experian as a Senior Web Designer to assist with a brand refresh. When I arrived, they were in the middle of finalizing their new look with an external agency. All in all, I think I saw three new versions of the Experian Style Guide before it was finalized. It wasn’t a complete re-brand. They updated their logo, selected a new font, added some new illustrative elements and icons, and set a new style for all photos. I was tasked to help apply that new style to a select number of their B2B pages. We worked together with other groups on the consumer-facing side to decide how that style would translate to the web (desktop and mobile).

Bringing the new style to the web presented some problems. Experian had paid a lot of money to have a custom font created for their new identity, but it didn’t translate well to the web. So we changed it. We also had to come up with all of the sizes, colors and styles for the different headers, body copy and all typography on the site. Buttons styles and behaviors and anything else style related was our responsiblity as well, along with creating a separate style guide for the web.